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Alex Dudeney


Alex Dudeney

Hey, I’m Alex, founder … nice to meet you!

I’m a qualified Computer Science Secondary School Teacher and WooCommerce nerd based in the south of the UK.

I’m currently managing a WooCommerce website for an online bookshop. You can find me on LinkedIn here!

Before my current role, I managed a team at a Digital Marketing agency, running 30+ WooCommerce websites.

I was bored of hearing how WordPress was only good for personal blogs and if you wanted an eCommerce store, then Shopfiy was the platform to look at.

So I started as a repository of useful customisation code snippets to help business owners get their WooCommere store exactly how they want it, and argue it is the more flexible choice of the two eCommerce platforms.

You can access all of my WooCommerce Customisation Code Snippets here on my website (completely free) or on Code Snippets Cloud (no license or account required).

I’ve now written an eBook dedicated to WooCommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) with 100 hints and tips to turning traffic into paying customers which has been very well received. You can read 2 pages for free!

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