WooCommerce Add Price Suffix

WooCommerce prices showing custom suffix text


There are no pre-requisites in order for you to be able to implement this solution.

How To Implement This Solution?

Simply copy the pre-coded solution to your active theme’s functions.php or preferably the Code Snippets Plugin.

About this Solution

This snippet allows you to add custom content as a suffix to WooCommerce prices. You may wish to display information regarding tax, a product’s status, whether it’s used or new etc. The possibilities are endless!

 * Snippet Name:	WooCommerce Add Suffix To Prices
 * Snippet Author:	ecommercehints.com

add_filter( 'woocommerce_get_price_html', 'ecommercehints_add_suffix_to_prices', 10, 2 );  
function ecommercehints_add_suffix_to_prices($price, $product) {
	$price =  $price . " (used)";
    return $price;

Snippet Benefits

  • Add and display any custom text as a suffix to prices on the product archive and single product template.
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