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How sick are you of reading blog posts which say they are “The Best WooCommerce Guide” but actually stink and give you really generic advice? You know the ones, they say things like “write killer product names” or “use powerful call to actions”. It’s like bro, I’m selling t-shirts on my WooCommerce site, not hiring out hitmen, I don’t need “killer” product names, I just need sales. Well, you’ve come to right place. Welcome to eCommerce Hints. I’m all about no BS WooCommerce customisation. In short, a load of top-quality code snippets, completely free, to customise your WooCommerce store for higher conversions. I’ve learned the hard way of getting users down the sales funnel and want to share everything I’ve learned about tweaking WooCommerce to convert users into paying customers. You don’t need to be a programmer to implement this advice but some knowledge of PHP would help. A lot of these hints, tips, and tricks can simply be implemented by adding the code snippets I’ve provided in your functions.php file located in your active child theme’s folder. Due to the nature of themes, updates and the headaches that come with them, I actually recommend you install the plugin, Code Snippets, and upload the solutions provided to this plugin. This makes managing tweaks a lot easier and can help to diagnose any issues should they occur. Anyway, enjoy and feel free to contact me if you need any help. Get reading my guides, and let’s get your WooCommerce website converting more customers!

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