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WooCommerce Emails Customisation

One of the big pitfalls from WooCommerce are the emails. Drop-shipping for example – it’s normal to assume a big chunk of store owners are drop shippers and do not stock products themselves. Instead, when an order is made, the supplier would be notified and send the products directly to the customer. Unfortunately, WooCommerce don’t make it that easy. For instance, there is no supplier/vendor/purchase order email templates by default. Another issue would be the lack of default customisation tools. Sure, you can change the colours and add a header logo but most customers can spot a WooCommerce email a mile off. Like the rest of WooCommerce, you could edit the PHP  template but this is not practical in the long run when a security update is rolled out. The free guides I’ve written here will help you optimise and customise the emails WooCommerce sends so you can better communicate with your customers.

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