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Mini-Cart Customisation

WooCommerce Mini-Cart Customisation

The WooCommerce Mini-Cart is often overlooked when applying customisation tactics. I believe I have the number one resource on customising the mini-cart and think it’s a huge part to moving your customers from the product page to the checkout. This bridge is important. Think of it like the glue between one high section of the funnel, your product page, to a lower part of the funnel, your cart page (or even your checkout!). WooCommerce have published hooks for the mini-cart, like other templates, to allow you to make necessary changes to better customise your online store for conversions. If you’re finding a lot of users are abandoning your store on the product page, it may be your mini-cart which is the issue – remember, this is the bridge to the next stage in the buying process. Get reading my free WooCommerce Mini-Cart Customisation code snippets today and start converting your users into paying customers!

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