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My Account Customisation

WooCommerce My Account Customisation

By default and in general, depending on your theme, the WooCommerce customer account area serves its purpose relatively well. There are however some tweaks, tricks, hints, and tips you can apply to the My Account area to make it just that little bit better for the customer experience. Typically, store owners will want to edit or delete menu items down the left-hand side or even add their own custom menu item. Optimising the My Account pages by customising it reinforces the notion that your store is trustworthy to the customer, showing them that you have thought of and cared about providing the best user experience possible. In some cases, you may allow or even force customers (I don’t recommend this) to register for an account before they can checkout and pay for their order. Have a read through my free guides on customising the My Account page in WooCommerce to improve the customer experience today.

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