WooCommerce Remove Address 2 Checkout Field

WooCommerce checkout form without address line 2 field


There are no pre-requisites in order for you to be able to implement this solution.

How To Implement This Solution?

Simply copy the pre-coded solution to your active theme’s functions.php or preferably the Code Snippets Plugin.

About this Solution

* Snippet Name:     Remove the Address Line 2 field from the WooCommerce checkout form.
* Snippet Author:   ecommercehints.com

function ecommercehints_filter_billing_fields($fields){
unset( $fields["billing_address_2"] );
return $fields;
add_filter( 'woocommerce_billing_fields', 'ecommercehints_filter_billing_fields' );

Snippet Benefits

  • Reduce the number of interactions the user has, increasing their likeliness to buy.
  • Remove unnecessary, optional distractions from the checkout form.
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