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Thank You Page Customisation

WooCommerce Thank You Page Customisation

You’ve done it! Made your first sale and the customer has reached the thank you page. Congratulations on getting that user all the way through the buying process, from the top of the sales funnel to the very bottom. What more is there to customise you ask? Sure, the majority of the customisation is out of the way but there is scope to turn your paying customers into repeat advocates. Advocacy, although not technically part of the sales funnel, would be the next stage in the customer journey. If your customer can advocate your store, then you’ve just got yourself a salesperson completely free of charge! Product recommendations from people we trust are probably the best sales pitch. The new customer can simply skip most of the sales funnel because they are already aware of, and highly consider you as an option. Customising the thank you page in WooCommerce can hammer in the fact that their purchase was the right decision. It can also be an appropriate place to ask for feedback or where the customer found your store. These little things can help improve the customer experience the next time round which is why customisation of the thank you page should not be overlooked. Do not adopt the mentality of “they’ve paid and we have their money. There’s nothing more to do”. Do read these free guides to see how you can customise and improve your WooCommerce thank you page to better the customer experience.

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